History Of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a process that actually dates back to ancient Greece. Since then various flushing and cleansing practices have been used. Some of these are more effective than others, but effective nonetheless.

From as early as 1920, the process of colon cleansing became more prevalent in the United States. Since these times there have been teas, colon cleansing capsules, and even medical treatments such as colonic irrigation that have been used.

Over the years there was question about whether or not colon cleansing was helpful or even necessary. The conclusion based on opposing viewpoints simply is this: Colon cleansing has some benefit, even if the body is actually able to clean itself out.

Another conclusion based on conflicting viewpoints pertains to overdoing digestive cleansing regimens. You can, for instance, damage your system if you use a colon cleansing product too often.

Furthermore, receiving a digestive cleansing will not help you at all if you are just going to continue to eat poorly or you are going to neglect exercise. The point of receiving a colon cleansing is to jumpstart your system in order to make weight loss easier.

Another reason for it is to help boost your immune system and to keep health problem at bay. However, you are not going to accomplish any of this if you don't continue to eat a balance diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetable, and fiber.

You are also not going to improve your health if you in addition to eating the right foods do not drink enough water. Again, the same applies to not getting enough exercise. You need all-good food, regular exercise, and an occasional colon cleanse.

Safety Tips

Make sure you get a physical examination if you are currently experiencing any health problems. One particular area of concern would be if you are experiencing lower back pain, because this could be a sign of kidney trouble. (However, most of the time it is just sore lower back muscles-not to scare you unnecessarily!)

If you are sick frequently you should also be concerned. It could be trouble that requires more than just a thorough digestive cleaning, although this often helps tremendously.

Besides being thoroughly checked for health problems, you should also ask for advice concerning various colon cleansing treatments. Your doctor if he or she has been with you for awhile and you trust this professional should be able to determine whether a medical or non-medical approach is needed.

Also never attempt a colonic irrigation or similar procedure without being in the presence of a professional. Otherwise, you really could do some serious damage to your system.

Here is one more very important safety tip: You should make sure you cut down on fatty foods and excess sugar usage if you are on a colon cleansing fast. This will advance the effectiveness of any digestive cleaning procedure you use to better your health.

If you have any other questions you should consult a professional. The right advice can send you on the way to becoming a healthier you.

By: Michal Vogas

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